How to achieve intrusion and threat protection while improving management and user experience.

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Technology and cybersecurity have drastically changed in the last 10 years.  We went from working at an office behind secure connections to always being remote.  Business requires agility in order to meet the challenges of today but this agility increases risk.  Hackers have also evolved and the tools they use create more complex attacks while being easier to use.   You can create ransomware with a free tool that has a user interface.

We are constantly seeing a company succumb to a cybersecurity threat and those are only the ones that make the news.  As a cybersecurity firm, we are aware that this happens daily to companies of all sizes.

We know the threats are real and more intense than ever.  But achieving great cybersecurity is not an easy task and the road to zero trust is not clear.  There are common challenges that most companies are facing and thinking about. 

This is why Ridge IT specializes in helping its clients establish a strong security posture without having degraded performance for their users.  There are key challenges when trying to improve your cybersecurity posture, meet CMMC requirements, and avoid intrusion into your systems.  We have a tested architecture of solutions that are gatner leaders that integrate with each other.  Wel also have the experience needed to deploy them effectively and in record time.

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Ridge IT was established with exceptional partners well established in technology and cybersecurity.   Through decades of experience working with clients that have the highest need for security, we have developed an easily manageable zero trust architecture along with the experience to implement it.