COVID-19 Virus created a need for a complete remote workforce

World Health Org

asked the world to be “in a state of preparedness”

Business continuity

and the safety of your employees are a top concern

Remote access

must be deployed quickly and scale with capacity needs

Remote access appliances don't scale as well as cloud services

Always – On VPN

Takes months for appliances to ship and deploy

Limited capacity constraints for appliances

Slow user Experience due to backhauls

Cloud – Delivered Zero Trust Network Access

100% cloud service deploys rapidly

Cloud avoids capacity issues

Fast, zero trust access for users

VPN Replacement

Best Approach for Web and non-Web Apps in Multi-Cloud Environments

Private Application Access

  1. VPN Replacement
  2. Multi-Cloud Access
  3. Secure Partner Access
  4. Zero Trust / Segmentation
  5. M&A / Divestiture

A Modern Approach:

Remote users never brought on the corporate network App access without network access

Apps are invisible not exposed to the internet

Connect directly to your application with no extra hops

Close Firewall Ports Eliminate your need for a Firewall

Zscalar Private Access

Secure access to internal apps, without the needs of VPN.

  • 100% cloud architecture
    • Up & running in just a day
  • Build for productivity
    • Users work from everywhere, without VPN
  • No capacity concerns
    • The cloud is built to scale, not limited like appliances can be

How it works. . .

  • Authenticated user requests access to private app
  • Policies determine if the user has access to the app
  • If allowed, the cloud established inside out connection from APP Connector to broker and client to same broker

Let us help.

ZPA Business Continuity Offer

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Next Steps:

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Enable business continuity and protect employees.

  • Keep employees safe and enable business continuity during the event
  • ZPA cloud service deploys in hours vs. months needed to setup legacy appliances
  • Scale to support any additional capacity needs, automatically