Myth: You have to deal with the big project first.

Ridge IT Corporation Consulting Services removes project gridlock and helps prioritize your initiatives into smaller successful projects.

Ridge IT focuses on incremental steps to ensure you are seeing a return on your investment sooner.


Ridge IT is a leading implementor of Identity and Access Management and Identity Governance solutions. Your people not only drive your business but they are becoming the core of your company’s overall IT security. Our solutions ensure your workforce has timely access to only the applications they need. Your identity access management solution is implemented in stages, so that in a matter of weeks your company will start to see the benefits and costs savings.

Faster Remote Access – VPN Technology Replacement

Ridge IT will change the way you work remotely. Your systems and applications are critical to your business, and your users require fast and reliable access no matter where your user or application is located. As a proven implementor of Virtual Private Applications, a technology that connects users directly to an application via the shortest path, you will cut cost and increase the productivity of your mobile work force.


Ridge IT will enable you to extend your security stack protections to your users outside your main office. We achieve this without expensive on-premise hardware by utilizing cutting edge cloud based Secure Web Gateways (Security Stack as a Service). Our solutions are updated over 120,000 times a day to keep your users safe from emerging zero-day threats. For redundancy, our solutions connect your users to one of over a hundred data centers on 6 continents, ensuring they have not only a fast but secure connection to the Internet.


Ridge IT Corporation leverages the Cloud Smart approach to develop powerful cost-effective cloud strategies for our clients.  We evaluate your current systems to so we can align your cloud infrastructure with your information technology initiatives, your COOP readiness, and overall goals. We enable you to migrate your COTS, GOTS and custom applications to both Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.


Ridge IT Corporation Consulting Services improves your company’s overall cyber security posture. We have extensive experience with developing compliance with the National Institute of Standards and Technology Cybersecurity Framework (NIST CSF) and the Federal Information Security Modernization Act (FISMA). A few of our offerings include:

  • Development of solutions that meet the intent of the NIST controls
  • IT Policy and Procedures
  • Remediation of Audit Findings and POA&Ms
  • Streamlined Security Applications
  • Incident Response Programs
  • Vulnerability Solutions and Scans
  • Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Trusted Internet Connection – TIC 3.0


Ridge IT provides seasoned project management professionals and subject matter experts for your IT modernization efforts. We bring deployment expertise to augment your existing team to efficiently deploy our technology partners SaaS solutions.


Ridge IT Corporation uses our experience in agile development and operations to leverage DevOps methodology to smoothly develop, test, and roll out applications. This methodology streamlines the process from a new requirement to implementation in a short sprint.  Focusing on team integration, while leveraging the cloud, increases reliability of software releases and allows us to continuously deliver on requirements rather than spending development dollars on avoidable bug fixes.

​Our focus centers on improving existing COTS and GOTS applications through the following:

  • ​Customized and automated workflows in ServiceNow and Microsoft SharePoint
  • Updating, migrating, and integrating legacy applications
  • Agile development of client’s proprietary applications

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