Who We Are

We offer forward-thinking solutions for our client’s enterprise.

Since 2014, Ridge IT Cyber’s team of certified specialists has served hundreds of thousands of users in 60 countries across 6 continents. We offer forward-thinking solutions to achieve operational goals for both private commercial companies and federal agencies. 

Ridge IT Cyber is primarily successful because of our curated solutions. Every solution we sell is tested and validated in our Cyber Range, enabling us to sell highly specialized solutions to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Our Core Values

Our Value to Clients - 'Best of the Best'

Ridge IT helps clients implement proven cybersecurity solutions that meet today’s cyber threat landscape.

  • Curated Solutions
    • Validated best in class solutions
    • Natively integrated and partnered
  • Brilliant Technical Minds
    • Certified engineers
    • Cognitive and ability standards
  • Fully Managed Cybersecurity
    • Continuous validation
    • Continuous monitoring
  • Complete Cyber Architecture
    • Identification and mitigation of threats
    • Containment of impact and recovery
What We Do

The Power of ONE - Your Fully Managed Cyber Security Firm

We understand that every client’s needs are unique. Ridge IT is a fully managed Cyber Security (CS) Firm, so whether you’re needing a single SKU or a comprehensive Managed Service Provider, we have a team of brilliant technical minds to meet each client’s needs. As solutions experts, we can conduct threat searches, environment updates, and cyber security SIEM integration, so no matter what you have a curated solution to your problem.

Partners & Recognition

As a Zscaler Service Partner of the Year recipient, Ridge IT is one of only a few select authorized Managed Service Partners (MSP) of Zscaler and is one of the first 50 named Okta Partners in the U.S. In addition, we are a certified Microsoft Direct Gold Partner as well as an MSP for Microsoft. For Crowdstrike, we’re a seller of CS and an Authorized FEDRAMP MSP.

Ridge IT Cyber specializes in the architecture of solutions that meet the challenges our customers face, whether related to compliance with legal policies or reaching operational goals within a budget. In other words, we excel in prioritizing your IT needs to improve operations while meeting your objectives.