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It’s time to break free from legacy backup.

Customers are using AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud as hybrid or multi-cloud platforms, so managing and protecting this data is a critical need. That’s why Ridge IT Cyber only partners with industry leaders in modern data protection – we offer backup as a service.

Stay Ahead of the Curve

The siloed nature of legacy infrastructure has become increasingly challenging, time consuming, and costly. As organizations are adopting cloud platforms to reduce costs and increase operational efficiency, Ridge IT Cyber creates opportunities to simultaneously strengthen security. We allow you to do more with less, giving you back the time, resources, and budget you need for other business-critical activities.

Don’t compromise your security for efficiency. Throw out your bloated, outdated data backup infrastructure for a fast, secure, flexible solution from Ridge IT Cyber.

Work with the Best

Ridge IT  Cyber provides industry-leading data protection tools for clients of every size. Whether you need the most flexible hybrid cloud capabilities from AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, the most robust recovery options and ransomware tools, or the most immutable storage options, Ridge IT Cyber brings these and more under one unified platform. Our best-in-class solution is unmatched compared to old, agent-based solutions and we address your needs for the future.

The Next Generation is Here

Secure backup is your last line of defense against ransomware attacks. Nobody can fully prevent a cyberattack, but you can protect your backup from ransomware. Scan backups automatically to restore, make sure they are safe and malware-free, and control who can access your data with our industry-leading solution. 

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