It is nearly impossible to protect your resources without first identifying your vulnerabilities. Vulnerability detection and patch management are essential parts of your security posture.

At Ridge IT Cyber, we keep your system current with the latest security information so that you can detect vulnerabilities and patch weaknesses before they become bigger issues.

Weakness Detection

The first challenge in information security is recognizing weaknesses. That’s why Ridge IT Cyber takes a proactive stance toward security. Our managed services include:

  • Periodic reporting that diagnoses specific system vulnerabilities
  • Suggested vulnerability mitigation methods
  • Organizational trend tracking
  • Delivered insights on inactive systems

Rather than waiting for an attack to take place, we seek out weaknesses before they become liabilities.

Actionable Insights

Ridge IT Cyber uses the Qualys platform to analyze and diagnose issues that arise within your organization’s security posture. From the individual components of your organization to the overall system, we provide timely, actionable insights.

Qualys’s software-as-service (SaaS) solution uses a cloud agent to perform regular scans on both individual workstations and your server. By installing this software on each endpoint, we’re able to detect and report specific vulnerabilities.

Resource Protection

It isn’t enough to simply diagnose the problem or detect vulnerabilities—we also take action to protect your resources. Ridge IT Cyber uses Qualys to manage and deliver critical patches for Microsoft Windows systems. Hardware manufacturers and software developers create patches to fix bugs and improve system security, so staying up to date with those patches is critical to protecting your systems.

Through Qualys, we scan for available patches to keep your IT resources protected with current security information, software releases, and firmware improvements.

Your cyber security is a high priority for your organization, so it’s a high priority for us as well. Through our proactive approach to security and partnerships with the best available platforms, we keep your organization secure and up to date with the latest developments in security technology.

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