Cyber Readiness

The Power of ONE

At Ridge IT Cyber, we have developed a methodology for responding to breaches designed to attack, measure, and improve our clients' cyber posture. To be effective, today's cyber security strategies must move from a defensive-centric posture to an offensive-centric stance. The best way to do this is to attack continuously. We aim to detect in 1 minute, investigate in 10 minutes, and act in 60 minutes.

The only way to minimize attacks and breaches is to be an expert in your security tools. Beyond expertise in a tool, you must also possess investigative cybersecurity experience to meet the 1-10-60 standard. Ridge IT Cyber specializes in best-in-class solutions with the knowledge required to leverage their capabilities to the maximum effect. We represent the finest solutions on the market today. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you improve your cyber posture.