Ridge IT Cyber executes projects of all sizes for both government and commercial clients. The reason we are so successful across different scopes and specifications is that we eschew the traditional pitfall of dealing with a big project first, opting instead to focus on successful smaller projects. Our goal is to move clients toward the Zero Trust framework by deploying modern SaaS technology and adhering to industry compliance requirements— no matter the size of the project.

What Sets Us Apart

We value relationships with our clients, partners, and associates alike. We take every SaaS deployment as an opportunity to learn more about your organization. As we navigate the project life cycle, one of our many goals is to ensure a seamless and secure implementation while providing dedicated and experienced engineers and project managers to meet your deployment expectations from start to finish. We aren’t satisfied unless you’re satisfied.

Transparency at Every Stage

Embedded in our goal to move clients towards the Zero Trust framework is an understanding of the value of transparency at every level of the deployment— from the kickoff call to the successful closure of your deployment. Our goal is to discuss the project plan from the very start of our engagement and to deliver modern technological solutions that exceed our client’s expectations at every stage.

Access Where You Need It

As part of our commitment to transparency and fostering lasting relationships, our solutions ensure that your team has access to the applications they need from wherever and whenever they need them. Ridge IT Cyber has the resources and technological expertise to offer reliable solutions for hybrid or remote work, and we are a proven implementor of Virtual Private Applications. Remote workers need more stable, secure, and fast connections, and we can help with the next steps.

Solutions for Every Project

Ridge IT Cyber also offers services for:

  • Secured internet
  • Cloud smart infrastructure and migration
  • Information and cybersecurity program
  • Project management and smart deployments
  • Software development

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