Traditional security solutions struggle to keep up with the changing world of cloud-based infrastructure. How do you manage your company’s security profile without hiring a large and expensive team to constantly monitor your environment?

Ridge IT Cyber uses a combination of cloud-based security products to monitor alerts for any new attacks in your environment and look for long-term patterns that point to security risks.

What Sets Us Apart?

Many companies do part of what we do. However, Ridge IT Cyber brings focused expertise to security products that are the leaders in their field. We’re able to bring a fair price by maintaining partnerships with companies we believe are the best at what they do while maintaining a high level of service.

The Next Generation

With traditional methodologies, you can either pay for top-of-the-line service, or you can get a low price on a product that covers only part of your company’s security profile, leaving large holes for attackers to gain access. Many traditional solutions are built around hardware-based environments, but as the world moves in the direction of cloud-based infrastructure, existing security solutions are struggling to adjust.

At Ridge IT Cyber, all of our security products are built from the ground up with the cloud in mind. Not only does Ridge IT Cyber excel in working with cloud-based environments, but we’ve helped many clients make the transition to the cloud.

Proactive Security

Once a security solution is properly implemented, it is no longer focused on responding to attacks, but rather on preventing attacks from happening in the first place. By using multiple layers of security, we stop almost all attacks before they happen, and have a plan in place to respond to attacks when they take place.

When attacks happen, we have tools in place to isolate the point of attack and adjustments that can be made immediately to prevent future attacks of the same kind.

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