EDR is an essential solution for businesses, but implementing an entire EDR team is a major expense. Ridge IT Cyber helps organizations maximize their EDR and XDR capabilities with world-class products and a proactive approach to security.

Detect and Respond

Ridge IT Cyber is distinct from our competitors because we focus on preventing attacks before they occur and reacting quickly before they can cause any damage to the device itself. Our team of CrowdStrike Certified Falcon Administrators (CCFA) are qualified to implement solutions and execute tactics to block attacks before they have the opportunity to execute.

Technique-based detection provides an extensive range of metadata for both internal and external use — to track your company’s security, health and performance, but also to compare your health against thousands of others.

World Class Partners

Our product of choice is CrowdStrike and Zscaler, top industry solutions that are designed to head off attacks before they happen.

Traditional hash-based solutions help keep organizations safe from known historical malware, but there’s no way for traditional anti-virus protection to detect it until an attack has already taken place. Organizations are left waiting to be attacked, then waiting to create a security patch, and then waiting again for the patch to get sent out to all the clients. By the time traditional security can patch a vulnerability, several more devices will have been infected.

Multi-Layer Security

Ridge IT Cyber maintains hash databases for known malware, but we also keep millions of devices up-to-date by utilizing a cloud-based environment. We don’t just rely on preventative measures — we also use built-in protocols to contain attacks and built-in reports to track potential future issues. By quarantining attacks to devices, we cut off the possibility of lateral-spread.

Our solutions proactively keep our clients secure by implementing the MITRE Framework, maintaining traditional hash databases, and using cloud-based environments to keep you safe and up to date.

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