cyber security

No cyber security is 100% effective at preventing attacks. So what do you do when a cyber attack happens?

Ridge IT Cyber uses security solutions that monitor alerts for new attacks in your environment and look for long-term patterns that point to security risks. By balancing proactive security with recovery solutions, we work around the clock to prevent attacks from happening while responding quickly and decisively when attacks do take place.

Proactive Approaches

How do you maintain response time without hiring a large, expensive team to constantly monitor your environment? Instead of hiring a resource-intensive monitoring service, Ridge IT Cyber offers fairly priced services based around proactively preventing attacks.

By preventing attacks, we’re able to keep your environment safe so that monitoring needs are much easier to facilitate. Rather than patching vulnerabilities when they arise, Ridge IT Cyber proactively searches for opportunities to strengthen your cyber security before attacks happen.

Complete Solutions

In many cases, great response services are already available on the market. However, to get the kind of attention that your company needs, they often come with a big price tag. While cheaper options are available, they result in much slower response and recovery.

You don’t have to choose between security and affordability. With our model of proactively preventing attacks, we focus on keeping you safe so you can spend less time worrying about recovery. When attacks do happen, our protocols isolate the point of attack to minimize damage.

Battle-Tested Security

Attacks expose vulnerabilities. Rather than wait for them to happen, we have an attack simulation service that exposes potential vulnerabilities before an actual attack occurs. Our proactive attack prevention model flushes out vulnerabilities before they become liabilities.

Comprehensive cyber security includes both preventing and responding to attacks, and Ridge IT Cyber’s battle-tested security solutions offer the best of both worlds.

To learn how Ridge IT Cyber can help you take control of your cyber security, book an appointment today.