Zero Trust is a term for security models that don’t rely on predefined trust levels. With the spread of telework during the pandemic, Zero Trust has become an essential approach for federal IT teams. Zero Trust provides precise access to data for users and devices, regardless of location. With Zero Trust architecture, devices and users are treated the same way, so it’s impossible to cut corners in the security process.  


Zero Trust models verify every user before they’re given access to data or systems, regardless of location. This approach minimizes the risk of data loss and unauthorized access while also improving efficiency by eliminating the need for multiple layers of security. Ridge IT Cyber has been a Zero Trust pioneer since the term was coined in 2010, and our Zero Trust Telework solution is the only Zero Trust platform that’s been purpose-built for the federal government. Zero Trust Telework provides your agency with a people-centric security solution that allows employees to work from anywhere while keeping your data safe and secure.  


Ridge IT Cyber applies Zero Trust security principles to provide agencies with end-to-end visibility across end-users, servers, and cloud endpoints. This visibility allows you to identify assets, protect systems, detect threats, respond to attacks, and recover at scale. By implementing the Ridge IT Cyber platform, IT teams can effectively break down data silos and close the accountability, visibility, and resiliency gaps between IT operations and security teams.  


If you’re looking to adopt a Zero Trust approach to telework, Ridge IT Cyber is here to help. Our Zero Trust Telework solution is tailored to the unique needs of federal agencies, and our team of experts can help you get started with Zero Trust quickly and easily. As a result, agencies can confidently implement Zero Trust Telework, knowing that their data is secure. Contact us today to learn more about how Zero Trust Telework can keep your agency safe and secure.

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