• December 6, 2023
  • Leigh Bruce
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Ridge IT Joins the Elite Few Who Are Fully Authorized to Provide Zscaler Managed Services, Including Delivery and L1/L2 Support

RICHMOND, VA., July 25, 2022 — If the past decade has taught society anything, it is the importance of privacy and security in this increasingly dangerous and compromised digital age. From data breaches in telecommunications to government officials and everyone in between; it can be difficult to know what sensitive information is at risk and how to protect it. However, Ridge IT Corporation continues to lead industries at the forefront of this digital frontier with precision, purpose, and pride. Ridge IT Corporation is proud to announce it has been appointed as one of the elite few to become an authorized Zscaler Managed Service Partner.

Announced on July 5th, 2022, Ridge IT Corporation is just one of the select few companies authorized to provide Zscaler Managed Services, including delivery and L1/L2 support services. Zscaler is recognized as a Leader in the Gartner 2022 Magic Quadrant for Security Service Edge with the highest ability to execute.

Previously named the Zscaler Global Services Partner of the Year in 2021, Ridge IT Corporation continues to provide industry-leading service rooted in excellence to tackle cybersecurity from a multi-layered and proven approach. Ridge IT effectively faces cyber threats head-on and develops a defense barrier, practically impenetrable from entry.

Since the beginning of Ridge IT’s partnership with Zscaler, Ridge IT has led over 800 projects to successfully protect over 250K+ users across the globe. Ridge IT’s elite team of certified engineers challenge and exceed industry norms to usher in a new era of innovation with continuous validation, monitoring, remediation, and recovery. Through its intricate and strategic process, Ridge IT places its clientele in a strong position to defend against attacks.

Dedicated to protecting what matters most, Ridge IT Corporation is proud to announce its appointment as a Zscaler Managed Service Partner, bringing its purpose-driven vision to fruition.

About Ridge IT Corporation

Ridge IT Corporation is an industry-leading cybersecurity firm dedicated to developing results-driven solutions built on solid technical standards around each client’s unique needs. Founded in 2014, Ridge IT Corporation is a Small Business Administration (SBA) certified HUBZone Company with offices in Richmond and Washington D.C., who serve clients of all sizes and sectors across six continents. Ridge IT Corporation enables and empowers clients to implement Zero Trust while reducing the complexities of managing security. Through strategic partnerships with Gartner leaders that have technology partnerships with each other, Ridge IT creates an intentional roadmap to a better user experience with increased security.

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